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Oct 13 2011

ANTM: Michael Jackson and the Kardashians

Reblogged from - By Joey Guerra, Sixela Harpy

Laura as the King of Pop. (Tim Peterson/Pottle Productions) I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous about this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model. (And in Tyra-world, as we know, ridiculous is relative.) Bianca’s superiority complex and anger issues. Shannon being boring. (“I have a senstive spirit!”) Alexandria’s ramble about minnows and sharks and teeth and fins. (No idea.) The carousel-runway combo the girls have to master in a matter of seconds. The presence of the Kardashians and the fact they offer the winner of the merry-go-challenge ONE outfit from their collection. THEIR COLLECTION THAT IS SOLD AT SEARS. No, no, no. The whopper this week is that the photo challenge had the girls posing as Michael Jackson. Who is recently dead. Whose involuntary manslaughter trial is going on RIGHT NOW. Oh, and also? That it required some of the girls to essentially be in blackface. (Or blackish, whatever.) Oh, Tyra. Haven’t we gone down this road before? Wait, this isn't the Drag Racejudging table? (Mathieu Young/The CW) La Toya Jackson, always ready for her close-up to honor her brother, served as a consultant and guest judge. Look, I love MJ as much as the next person. And I’m sure this is meant to be an homage/tribute/honor. But just the timing makes it unfortunate, to say the least. Country-pie Laura takes best photo of the week — SHAMOWN! — selected by La Toya herself. I like it, sure, and I love Laura. But I really think Alexandria, Domnique or even Kayla were a few moonwalks above. Seriously, I’m sort of in love with Alexandria’s photo. Bianca’s attitude reflect in her shot, which is devoid of energy and inspiration. Beat it, indeed. And, of course, we get Shannon, Allison and Lisa in dark makeup. Just WOW. In honor of Michael’s legacy of love, no one goes home — a lucky save for Lisa and my girl Angelea. 716 still in effect! ANTM All Stars airs at 8 p.m. Wednesdays on the CW.

Read the story behind Michael Jackson's stunning solo performance at 'Motown 25.' Dave Hogan/Getty

Rolling Stone contributing editor Steve Knopper's new book, MJ: The Genius of Michael Jackson (in stores October 6th), is the first narrative biography to deconstruct Jackson's inimitable dance steps, live performances, songwriting method and studio sessions in fine detail — he interviewed more than 400 people close to Jackson, his music and his family. This excerpt shows how Jackson's now-iconic performance on the Motown 25 special took shape. 

In 1983, Suzanne de Passe, still Berry Gordy's loyal number two, had an idea to revitalize the famous but fading Motown Records. She...

14 8 days ago

Brandon Howard, 31, the man who is reportedly Michael Jackson‘s long-lost son, denies reports that he agreed to DNA testing and has no plans of pursuing the matter, reports

As previously reported by NewsOne, Howard is the son of singer Miki Howard, whom Joe Jackson represented in the 1980s.

According to the results of a paternity test revealed today by owner Akil David, there is a 99.9% chance that Howard is Jackson’s son.

David told TMZ that he obtained  Jackson’s dental impression from a Beverly Hills doctor at an auction and that it is filled with the late singer’s DNA.

Howard, a singer himself...

18 9 days ago

Source: Ron Howard / Getty

Michael Jackson spent the majority of his life entertaining audiences with his amazing voice and legendary dance moves. With 40 years of music as part of his legacy, it’s a daunting task...

37 19 days ago

– September 5, 2015

Tony Succar

Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson (Universal Music Classics, 2015)

Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson takes some of Michael Jackson’s best known pop music hits and transforms them into exciting salsa and Latin music pieces featuring a full salsa orchestra. Other times, Jackson’s maintain their R&B structure with tropical beats. The mastermind behind the project is a young Miami-based Peruvian producer, multi-instrumentalist and arranger named Tony Succar.

This ambitious production features over 100 musicians including some of the finest session players and celebrated singers Tito Nieves, Jon Secada, India,...

35 About 1 month ago

We’re sad to share the loss of another legend.

According to Rolling Stone reports:

Louis Johnson, founding member of funk band the Brothers Johnson and an in-demand bassist who appeared on Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” died on Thursday, May 21st. He was 60. Johnson’s nephew Troy confirmed his death to Rolling Stone, though a cause of death has yet to be revealed.

“I’ve never been given parts to play in my whole life. I’m the most rare bass player in the whole world,” Johnson told Rolling Stone contributing writer Steve Knopper in 2013 for the upcoming...

43 About 1 month ago

Todo mundo tem que crescer uma hora, inclusive a Respect, que agora vai pra uma das casas de show mais famosas de São Paulo, o Cine Joia. Para nossa doce estreia, reservamos um especial ao Rei do Pop, Michael Jackson que tem hits inúmeros e que fazem todo mundo querer dançar com passinho ou não. Marque na agenda: sexta, 15 de maio, a noite vai ser quente no Cine Joia, logo ali ao lado do Metrô Liberdade.

Nas pick-ups desta edição, o melhor dos oldies escolhidos por DJs afinadíssimos. Na pista, sucessos e hits empoeirados do Soul, R&B, Funk, Disco e Hip...

61 About 2 months ago